Stephen Collins
Baseball Minutes
Website | 2018

Data analysis application that calculates the ongoing and projected MLB Average Game Time. This is done by comparing the current year rolling average to the last 20 year rolling average. The application also tracks the average game time per team.

Simplistic iOS Application that generates a random number between a selected range. Users are able to view and download their history as well as change themes.

iOS Application that enables classmates to communicate with each other. This is aimed for university students to be able to have conversations, form study groups, and answer each other's questions.

Social event broadcasting application where users can drop a Pinn at the location of an event. Users are able to view this on a Google Maps interface where each Pinn represents an event. Users at the location are able to upvote or downvote each pin depending on the experience of the event.

Calculates which Pokemon have the best statistics filtered by Pokemon type, mega, and legendaries. Each row links to the Pokemon's Bulbapedia page for detailed statistics.

Solves Premier League playoff odds using Naive Bayes Classifier. Given the current league table and FIFA statistics, the program will calculate which team will be the champion, which teams will advance to the UEFA Champions League, and which teams will be relataged.